Make my Own Website You Need to Learn to Earn

Make my own website – The importance of learning

If you want to run any sort of web based business you will definitely need your own website or web property at some time. Your very first question will then be “how do I make my own website”?

Building a website on your own may seem a difficult task for beginners but if you get the proper guidance you can easily make a good website. You just need to follow a few important steps. The good news is that you only need to master these individual skills once and them you can just re-apply them onto new projects.

I will now let you in a secret which is an absolute must for all beginners. Let’s be honest here, you are not trying to re-invent the wheel, but are only trying to make creating your own website as easily and plain-sailing as possible. So what is the solution to this dilemma? The answer is to follow a tried-and-tested method. You need to follow in the footsteps of a successful teacher or mentor who has a proven track record. Following a working established model instead of battling on your own will save you months of sweating and struggling.

The main advantage of having a good website mentor is to teach you how to make your own website the right way first time around. Of course, you could have a go at it yourself and “dive in head first” like many beginners, the problem with this is that you can then easily fall victim to information overload. Too much information is coming from every direction. Too many people are telling you to do this and that with no clear structure and after a few months and a few “false starts” you could find yourself right back to square one.

To make your own website, there is an easy step-by-step process to follow. The support you will receive and your coaching insights through the whole process of getting your site set-up will not only be interesting but also vastly enjoyable and great fun. Instead of struggling on your own, you will find yourself receiving and sharing invaluable suggestions and feedback to keep you on track.

Whilst reading, watching and listening to your teacher you will found yourself saying things out loud like, “well I never knew that”, or “that’s so much better that way, it makes so much more sense”.

There is no doubt about the fantastic sense of achievement felt when you have finally built that first website, believe me it is a really good feeling.

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The Nearness of God

God is always ready, but we are very unready. God is near us, but we are far from Him. God is within, and we are without. God is friendly; we are estranged.
~Meister Eckhart

The easiest thing in the world, we make the hardest. The closest thing to each of us, personally, might as well be eons away. There is a polar dissimilarity between the nearness of God and the distance we have with ourselves. Something so abundantly close evades our attention because we either look too deeply, too scientifically, or we don’t look at all.

Yet, even believing ones can, and often do, miss the point of God: the nearness of God.


Somehow, deep within our spirits, nestles the secret fact of God, one we’ve been searching for.

Perhaps the questions of life have plagued us to such an extent, we’re riddled with doubt or frustration with God or fatigue has beset us – it seems too hard, too meaningless, or too tritely bemusing, to continue this search.

God seems never more distant. The more we look, the less we find.

Despite what we might think, these feelings have a viral commonness about them; many people, indeed most, have significant periods where God failed to show up. We are not alone.

Could it be we’re making the search more onerous than it needs to be?

Our Lord hides in such a way so as to be found by those who earnestly seek him; he remains hidden to all others.

Trusting what we already know is nothing about the knowledge of God we’ve learned from books or sermons or speeches or the devotional life. As we read Meister Eckhart’s quote again we know God already; the Deep Mystery belongs within us. All the uncertainty, vacancy, hurts for betrayal, jealousies, and confusion (and suchlike) reveal our need of God, and the Lord is there to assuage all these things and more; to help us redeem our moments – those moments only the Creator can give.

All the things that are wrong about us, and life, lead us to God; simply the fact that we are frustrated by what is wrong is the intention of Divine allure. We’re being led by these difficulties toward the solution – a solution none without God can find.


Anyone setting out on a journey to prove or disprove God is found in themselves a person running away from their very self. They are like a dog deluded by the threat or the game involved in chasing its tail.

We can suppose some will make a sport of proving God – some maliciously, like the atheist on mission, and some benevolently, in evangelistic pursuit of souls for God.

But the ordinary person has no role, unless they would waste their lives, chasing after proof, for or against. They would be better served getting to know their inner selves – for, in that, a most fruitful spiritual search, they will find God. The Lord will prove Divine existence.


When we ponder the vastness of life outcomes, those deliciously fine to those horrendously broken, and the infinite nuances between – within the mix spoken of above – we find God makes life easier for each one who believes.

There is nothing else known or unknown in this world that does this, and does it, with truthful veracity, with our best interests at heart. Whatever our circumstance, the Lord can make it easier, better, more meaningful and fulfilling.


God is near, always. Ready to help, to love, to forgive, to ease our burdens, making sense of life: these are found in a God ever so near as to be within us.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.